My name is Shabih (शबीह/ شبیہ).

I am currently a Vice President at Delos, where I am also the Head of Data Science and Analytics. I work, with my amazing team, to create new technologies (software and hardware) that enhance the level of occupant well-being in any built environment. I am responsible for primarily 4 aspects of data at Delos viz. Data Engineering, Data Science & Analytics, Data Security, and Data Governance. Before working at the NYC office, I was a scientist at the Well Living Lab in Rochester, MN, researching machine learning algorithms that can actuate environmental changes which positively affect perceived wellness in the built environments.

In my current pursuit of pushing the envelope of science, I primarily work on human-centric AI specifically designed to operate with IoT devices that can extract actionable insights that can either be consumed by an individual or a device to optimize how they operate in their space. This involves collaborating with Behavioral Scientists, Environmental Engineers, Marketing, Sales, and of course, Technologists. We pool our efforts, bringing our expertise and unique perspective, to identify new ways in which our work can have the maximum impact while minimizing the perceived disruption of the natural flow of our end customer’s day.

In addition to this, I try to allocate some of my time regularly to academic service. This means either mentoring undergraduate/graduate students on research projects, serving on TPC, chairing sessions, etc. I firmly believe that academia grows stronger through healthy collaboration with professionals in the industry. I was greatly influenced in my education through these collaborations and would like to give back. If you feel the same way, get in touch!

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Iowa. My dissertation was titled “Mobile ecological momentary assessment for hearing aid evaluation.” I was very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Octav Chipara. Before that, I was an undergrad at the Aligarh Muslim University in India and graduated with a B.Tech (with Honors) in Computer Engineering, where my focus was on developing real-time streaming services on very low bandwidth systems.

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